Just FYI, I’ve been recovering from the death of my mother at the end of June, and so I’m posting less frequently. 

However, I did want to stop by and let you know that I have had an article and some pictures published in the August edition of Science of Mind magazine!  The article is about mindful or meditative photography and is called Live the Enchantment.  The article is accompanied by three of my photographs.  If you are a subscriber of that publication, then you already have it, and if not, you can purchase a copy of it at Barnes and Noble, your closest Centers for Spiritual Living Center, or you can purchase a subscription online at Amazon. I believe the price of a single copy is around $5.00.  As you might imagine, the article is heavy on metaphysics and mindfulness.


Similarly, I’ve written a book, which I have self-published through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).  This book is currently available in digital format.  It’s got 92 photos and short essays, which are along the lines of the Daily Guides in Science of Mind magazine, but with pictures. It’s heavy on metaphysics and mindfulness, but there are also some essays that read more like a travelogue, and some even have poetry instead of an essay.  (I’m nothing if not consistent!)  The best way to find it is by going to Amazon, then clicking on the kindle store dropdown and entering the title of the book, which is:  A Season of Mindful Photography:  Autumn.   


Cover of My Kindle Book

You can read this book for free if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, and if not, the price is only $5.99.  It costs $9.99 monthly to be a member of Kindle Unlimited, and you can read all the e-books you want for that price, or that’s my understanding anyway.  Check it out and decide for yourself. 

Thanks for your support! 

ps: Or, you can color a mandala. I like to do this as a stress reliever. Cheers!

Mandala Coloring by Debby Powell

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