Me and my photo roadie (read: Husband) like to get out every week to explore and do some photography, if we can.  At the end of March, we decided to 1.)  Take a drive over The Grand Mesa to check out the snowpack and 2.) stop off in Delta for lunch on the way home. 

I’ll start with lunch.  We stopped at DaVeto’s at 520 Main Street in Delta.  Of course, with that name, Danny DeVito comes immediately to mind, but I doubt if there is any relation between the family that owns this restaurant, and the famous actor.  I didn’t ask of course, because I’m sure everybody and their brother asks that stupid question, and the names are spelled differently anyway.  So, I try not to be trite or rude, but I like to think about Danny DeVito anyway, because I always liked him.  What a character!

Danny DeVito

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, the restaurant sits right on Main Street, also known as Hwy 50 in Delta.  It’s on the east side of the street about mid-block. This old downtown area is quaint and I’m glad it’s retained it’s old-timey character.  Delta is not that big of a town, with only about 10,000 souls living here and it’s only 13 square miles in size.  By comparison, the small town where I grew up is still only 12 square miles in size, but over 39,000 people live there now.  Delta’s downtown reminds me more of Grant, Nebraska though, than it does Brea, California, where I grew up.  Grant, Nebraska has only a little over 1300 people living there.  So, Delta is somewhere between the two in population anyway. It still has a hometown feel.

DaVeto’s in Downtown Delta, Colorado

So, we got there a little after the lunch hour had faded away, but there were still plenty of people finishing up their lunch.  We were seated in a booth near the back.  In fact, if we’d been sitting any further back, we’d have been sitting in the alley behind the place.  This is not a complaint.  Behind us was a table at the very back situated in an alcove with a fresco that made it feel very Mediterranean.  We perused the menus for a few minutes while our server helped her customers who were just finishing up. 

Seated in The Back Booth at DaVeto’s

The menu is classic Italian fare, made with homemade pasta and pizza dough.  Everything is made from scratch here and you can tell!  We were on the road that day and didn’t imbibe any alcohol, but they do offer local Colorado beer and wine, as well as Italian wines. 

Back Table with Fresco at DaVeto’s

My spaghetti and meatballs were made with homemade pasta and sauce, and it was delicious!  I ended up taking about half of my lunch home in a to-go box though – it was more than I could eat!  It came with a fresh salad.  I would eat here again for sure.  The service was good and so was the food.  I always figure that when visiting an Italian restaurant for the first time, it’s always a good idea to try the spaghetti first.  If that’s good, you’ve got a good chance that other menu items will be good in the future.  Just looking at the menu again makes me want to go back! 

Spaghetti & Meatballs at DaVeto’s in Delta, Colorado

Here’s my picks for what I’ll try next time we visit: 

Appetizer:       Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Salad:              Herbed Chicken Caesar Salad           

(John has insisted for years that a Caesar Salad isn’t a REAL Caesar Salad without anchovies.  I noticed they do have anchovies that they use to put on pizza, so I can probably talk him into returning to this place for a Caesar Salad with anchovies)

Pizza:               Get your own made-to-order with homemade pizza dough and sauce – Gluten free is also available in 10” size.  They have a huge variety of different toppings and sauces you can choose from

Spinach Artichoke Calzone – A pizza wrapped up like a hand pie – yummy!

Italian Meatball Sub

I was too full for dessert when we were there, but it would be worth going just for that!  Here’s a couple of desserts that stand out to me: 


New York Style Cheesecake

Peach and Strawberry Cobbler          Ohmy!

We waddled out of DaVetos around 3:30 in the afternoon and drove over to the area known as The Adobe Badlands.  This place is just so fascinating it’s hard to describe with words.  It’s managed by the BLM and is free and open to the public. It’s located on the north side of Delta, technically in western Delta County.  From downtown Delta, you drive north and make a right-hand turn at the sharp curve in US 50, just to the north of The Gunnison River.  From here, you continue north until you see Trap Club Road on the right.  You can follow Trap Club off to the right for a few miles.  When you’re ready, you can turn around and go back the other way and drive past a small airport called Blake Field, and Devils Thumb Golf Course.  There’s over 10,000 acres under management here, mostly used for 4-wheeling, motorcycle riding, hunting, and of course, photography, which is my passion. 

The Adobe Badlands

The photos I’m showing with this story were taken at two different times.  It seems like whenever we go, we’re pressed for time, either because the sun is getting ready to set, or we have some other constraint.  What I really wanted to do was have John drop me off and let me walk down the middle of the road with my camera, or at least hike along the side of the road.  Although the scenery is spectacular, there aren’t a lot of places to turn off at this location, especially in some of the most scenic spots.  Just about the time you say “ooh!  Ooh!  I see something!  We need to stop!”  By that time, it’s too late and there’s nowhere to stop or turn off. 

The Adobe Badlands, Delta County, Colorado

This is complicated by the fact that there is a county dump near the end of the road, and even further down are some more houses, and a back way to get up on The Grand Mesa, so that even though it feels like you’re out in the middle of nowhere, in fact, there’s plenty of where around and that where includes vehicles.  The road really has no shoulder, and it has a fair number of blind curves, so it’s nothing to be trifled with.  On this trip, I ended up hiking alongside the road for a short while and John parked in a turnout at the bottom of a hill.  Although I think of myself as quite brave and able to handle myself in a tight situation, accidents do happen.  I found this out the week or so before this outing, when something unexpected came up while I was riding my bike in town and – down I went!  I was still recovering from this previous mishap on the day I visited Adobe Badlands. The memory was fresh in my mind and the pain was fresh in my left leg, where I had fallen and bruised myself badly.  Unfortunately, this pain cut my hike short, and John picked me up and drove me home.

Farmland in The Adobe Badlands

We’ll be visiting again soon.  We’ll stop and have a chicken Caesar salad at DaVeto’s first. His with anchovies and mine without.    

Devil’s Thumb, Adobe Badlands, Colorado



  1. The pics of the Badlands are beautiful!!


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